The QUADREX – gym & movie is an exercise and fitness program combined with an action-movie experience in a controlled environment. Be an active part of the movie-action instead of being a passive movie observer.
The QUADREX – gym & movie provides a profound and immersive experience of the action scenes that you see on the screen. You will experience the frozen mountain peaks of the Everest, the heat and humidity of the deep Amazon jungle, the relentless windy heat of the stormy Sahara desert and the skin-chilling water-marine environment of the swimming pool with whales, dolphins and sharks.
In the QUADREX – gym & movie you can experience 15 minutes in the hot, stormy desert simulator followed by 15 minutes in the cold mountain simulator, followed by 15 minutes in the rainy, hot and humid jungle simulator and ending with 15 minutes in the swimming pool in the marine simulator. This one hour of intense workout in different simulator environments is a totally transforming experience of your body and soul.
In the QUADREX – gym & movie experience you combine an intense workout in the shortest amount of time to create the maximum fitness output which includes muscle conditioning and weight loss to achieve the ultimate fitness.

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United States Patent and Trademark Office granted Dr. Mostafa Sheta the patent for gym & movie Exercise Cells in December 2014.


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Our prototype: The QUADREX – gym & movie, Desert, Mountain, Jungle, and Marine simulator.

Mountain gym & movie
Jungle gym & movie
Marine gym & movie
Desert gym & movie

QUADREX - gym and movie - Projecting the future


Dr Mostafa Sheta

Dr. Mostafa Sheta

Dr. Mostafa Sheta is a practicing family physician in the city of Las Vegas since 1994. He is also a scientist and researcher in the field of human health and fitness.